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The Remagine Art Prize has a focus on waste, sustainability, and the environment.

Artists were asked to submit works that relate to an element of  ‘Wasteland or Wonderland’, referring to the decisions we make each day about how much waste we create, and how this affects the environment around us.

With this different take on home, I expressed that home is a waste making machine, all you need to do is look at the council clean up piles, the un composted food scraps and the recycled items that don’t quite make it to the recycling centre. If we can all start to take baby steps towards a zero-waste home (as completely changing our lifestyle all at once just isn’t sustainable or realistic) then we will at least know we have done our small part to leave the planet in a better state than where we are currently heading if nothing changes.

Although I wasn’t a finalist, I’m beyond glad I entered because I’m extremely proud of this piece, and I plan on creating more sketches, replacing the waste items with gathered sentimental items from people’s homes. How wonderful that will be!

Artline 0.04 pen + 200gsm Fabriano water colour card.


2 Weeks


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focus on waste

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I literally looked in my own trash and took a walk around the neighbourhood to check out the council collection piles.

The majority of my house sketches have been black and white thus far.

My customers are starting to opt for full colour which really excites me. Although with this particular piece, I literally wanted to lay out my point about the environment in black and white for viewers.

If we are doing sentimental items instead fo waste I think B&W or colour would look equally as awesome! – depends on personal preference.

As some people live in apartments, or don’t like the aesthetic of their homes exterior, I sketch interiors as an alternative. 

This style becomes another alternative, simply gather a list of all your favourite and most sentimental items in your home and see what putting them all is one art peice gives you… a quirky spin on HOME.

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