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Every project I work on is filled with my own heart and soul, as well as that of the people they’re created for and the places we capture in a unique way. Words of delight, that capture the joy that I bring into people’s world fuels my passion for my art. Below you’ll see some of the beautiful words shared by some of my favourite clients. 

Yours in art, Jess XOX

Testimonial from Sabrina


For 36 years our home has been a gathering place family and friends, full of laughter and fun as well as some tears and sorrows. Having it sketched is a reminder of all we have to be thankful for. Thank you, Jess, the sketch is so wonderful! 

Philip and Adrien are happy clients

Phillip & Adrian

We love our sketch! It’s so unique and so beautiful, it’s actually the best thing ever! Adrian and I are so in love. The best gift to make our cafe feel more like home. Can’t wait for sketches of our next 100 shops! 

Lovely testimonial from Steve

Steve W.

We lived in that old house for 23 years and raised our kids there. We left Sydney for the next chapter of life and our neighbour’s commissioned Jess to draw our place as a going away present. It’s so much better than any photo. The drawing is alive! Jess captured the personality of the old place, and all its wrinkles and quirks — things that make a home special. We will treasure her drawing forever. 

Testimonial from Wendy in Castle Hill NSW

kind words

Wendy | Castle Hill NSW

I can’t thank Jess Bracey enough for this amazing art piece of my condo. I just love the amount of detail she has managed to capture and everyone that’s seen it, now wants one of their home too! Highly recommend.

Testimonial from Elyse in Concord NSW

kind words

Elyse W. | Concord NSW

Thanks so much to Jess for the gorgeous sketch of our family home for my husbands birthday. Our 4 year old son Edward was so impressed he  had to take it outside to compare it to the actual house. Something we will treasure forever as a family. 

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