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bespoke art for the joyful at heart

“Spacial structure is seen not merely as an arena in which social life unfolds, but rather as a medium through which social relations are produced and reproduced.” – Gregory & Urry

I aim to capture the essence of your ‘space’, whether it be a literal interpretation, a quirky spin on home as you know it or something different altogether. 

If the subject means a lot to you or brings you joy, then I want to create it.

So what are you waiting for?

these artworks are right for you if ...

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common questions

Lead time is 6-8 weeks. If you need it sooner don’t hesitate to contact me,
sometimes miracles happen.

Yes! That’s what I do 🙂 (along with google maps). Simply email [email protected].

Not at all – although buildings are what I predominantly
sketch, don’t put baby in the corner, this creative needs versatility! Hit me with
your best shot and let’s get creatitve!

got an idea in mind?

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Love what you’re seeing here and want to collaborate on an idea you have in mind? 

Get in touch via my contact form or email me at [email protected]. Let’s get creative!